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Veins is the first horror book by Lawrence C. Connolly.

Veins has an intriguing website supporting the novel. On the website you can listen to part of the novel’s soundtrack and purchase the CD, as well as the book itself, t-shirts and other books featuring Mr. Connolly’s work. You can also check out the cast of characters with a picture of them and a bit of information.

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Horror author Lawrence C. Connolly explores the horrors of abandoned mines in Veins.


Author: Connolly, Lawrence C.
Format: Trade Paperback
Type: Novel
Page Count: 260pp.
Pub. Date: August 12, 2008
Publisher: Fantasist Enterprises

Fleeing from what should have been a perfect crime, four crooks in a black Mustang race into the Pennsylvania highlands.

On the backseat, a briefcase full of cash.

On their tail, a tattooed madman who wants them dead.

The driver calls himself Axle. A local boy, he knows the landscape, the coal-hauling roads and steep trails that lead to the perfect hideout: the crater of an abandoned mine.

But Axle fears the crater.

Terrible things happened there.

Things that he has spent years trying to forget.

Enter Kwetis, the nightflyer, a specter from Axle’s ancestral past. Part memory, part nightmare, Kwetis has planned a heist of his own.

And soon Axle, his partners in crime, and their pursuer will learn that their arrival at the mine was foretold long ago . . . and that each of them is a piece of a plan devised by the spirits of the Earth. Barnes and Noble

What they are saying about Veins:

“For years I’ve been an admirer of Lawrence C. Connolly’s exquisite and deeply affecting short fiction — he always writes with great skill, intelligence, compassion, and subtle lyricism; but with Veins he has done the impossible and surpassed his own high standards. This rich, mesmerizing, and darkly wondrous novel held me under its spell for days as I read it, and haunts me even now, weeks later. This is what grand story-telling is all about, regardless of genre. I began the novel as an admirer of Connolly; I finished it as one in awe and so will you.”
— Gary A. Braunbeck Bram Stoker and International Horror Guild Award winning author of Destinations Unknown, and Mr. Hands

Veins is haunting work, meticulously crafted by one of the genre’s most masterful storytellers, writing at the top of his game. If you’ve read Lawrence Connolly’s stories in the pages of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Borderlands, or Cemetery Dance over the past decade, you already know that he is a captivating writer who crafts drum-tight plots, loaded with realistic characters and fantastic settings with great style and substance. But you don’t really know Connolly until you read Veins, his amazing first novel.

Open Veins and it will spill out uncanny surprises that will thrill and horrify, charm and chill, on almost every page. Veins is Connolly’s crowning achievement: a multi-layered, intense exploration that scrapes away the surface of reality, excavating the wondrous and dreadful secrets that lurk in the twisting caverns beneath. In this harrowing, fast-paced novel, Connolly plumbs the depths of the dark side in a way that no one has done before. Some books are good, others are great, but a rare few are tremendous and beg to be read over and again. Veins is a tremendous and unforgettable read.”
— Michael Arnzen, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of 100 Jolts

“One of the joys of my days at Twilight Zone was encountering the work of an extraordinarily subtle and imaginative writer, Lawrence C. Connolly, who brought enormous power to the shortest of stories. And now, in Veins, he’s created something equally extraordinary a supernatural novel that brings Native American magic to a crime thriller as intense and fast moving as a Tarantino movie.”
— T.E.D. Klein, World Fantasy and British Fantasy Society Award winning author of The Ceremonies and Dark Gods

“Lawrence C. Connolly writes with clear beauty and a purity of prose, his world not confined to the page, but breathing, soaring, sometimes kicking and cussing, but ever appealing to all the senses. Veins is both spiritual and physical, blending both this world and the world of that beyond with seamless grace. Connolly is a writer to follow, and his work a thing to savor.”
— Mary SanGiovanni, author of The Hollower, from Leisure Books

Horror author Lawrence C. Connolly explores the horrors of abandoned mines in Veins.

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