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Once upon a time I read Robert Kirkman’s first three graphic novel collections in his The Walking Dead series and I was well pleased. I collected additional volumes and put them away where they’d remain in good shape until the day came where I’d return to Rick Grimes’ zombie plagued world and continue reading. . . . only I didn’t.

The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye is the first volume in Robert Kirkman's zombie filled horror graphic novel seriesI bought the collections as they came out. I promoted them to fellow librarians and horror reading patrons alike but I never resumed reading them myself.

Until this last weekend.

I finally broke out my collection and began reading them, starting from the beginning.

I’d forgotten about Morgan Jones and his son Duane, the first living people Rick met when he woke up.

I’d forgotten about the friction between Donna and Dale — her certainty that he was sleeping with both Amy and Andrea.

I’d forgotten the mistakes Rick made . . .

the snow covered signed that sealed the fate of one of their group . . .

Hershel’s conviction that bordered on madness . . .

Tyreese’s rage and Rick’s fall from grace . . .

The Walking Dead: Miles Behind Us is the second volume in Robert Kirkman's zombie filled horror graphic novel seriesI spent a glorious weekend reliving the beginnings of the zombie epic and now I have seven new installments to read.

After reading the first three books, I revised the summaries I wrote for them in anticipation of more summaries to come. They aren’t major revisions — a lot of cosmetic work but a little bit more editing, too. You can check them out by using the links below.

The Walking Dead: Summaries

Part 1 — The Walking Dead: Days Gone Bye — A Masterful Zombie Graphic Novel
Part 2 — The Walking Dead: Miles Behind Us — Miles of Zombies
Part 3 — The Walking Dead: Safety Behind Bars — Safety with Zombies

The Walking Dead: Safety Behind Bars is the third volume in Robert Kirkman's zombie filled horror graphic novel series

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  • zman Mar 9, 2010

    Walking dead is by far my favorite zombie comic out there.

    • The Undead Rat Mar 17, 2010

      Hello Zman,

      The Walking Dead is fast becoming my favorite zombie comic and one of my favorite zombie stories in any format. I really care about Rick and his little community — so much so that the things that happen to them affects me too. That’s great writing in my book.

      This is for Zman or anyone who wants to answer: What is your favorite part of the series?

      Thanks for reading,

  • siKKid Jun 4, 2010

    i liked the first one where the kid shoots the ricks old partner and saves him.

    • The Undead Rat Jun 4, 2010

      Hello siKKid,

      If you like that, you might be interested in The Walking Dead: Here We Remain where Carl Grimes has to save himself from a trio of zombies while his father is unconscious from an infection.

      Also, the 12th volume (I don’t know its title yet) has Carl and the gang settled in some sort of community with safety . . . but I’ve seen the cover and I’m concerned that he is going to be dangerous without the constant danger of zombies. I fear that one may end badly.