Justine Musk: Creative Badass

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Today’s road trip is a visit to that creative badass, Justine Musk.

For those of you who don’t know her, Justine lays it all out in her About Page

But her mission in life for the last few years seems to be about developing creativity — and not just any creativity but “Badass Creativity” — and not just her own “Badass Creativity” but yours as well.

Please go ahead and check out her essay How to be a Creative Badass: A 12-Point Plan

. . . flow is a state of mind in which we lose all sense of self-consciousness and lock in on the task at hand. When we’re in flow, we are . . . better. More focused, more creative, more skilled. It’s when we do our best work, and grow toward new capabilities.

For more, click on the link above. Then start reading the rest of her blog. If you’re having trouble hooking up with your creative bad self, reading the entire blog will repay the time invested many-fold.

Meanwhile, I’ve mastered the art of ignoring the headache and I’m attempting to learn the zen of breating through the pours in my skin since my nose obviously doesn’t want that job anymore.

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