Horror Short Story Collection: The Janus Tree and Other Stories

Horror Short Stories

Earlier this week Ohio horror author Kealan Patrick Burke launched a new series on his blog called The Seven and he asked Glen Hirshberg seven questions about his latest projects, including The Janus Tree and Other Stories.

Well, not one to let an opportunity to shamelessly piggyback on somebody else’s work pass me by, I’m featuring that very same horror short story collection today.

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The Janus Tree and Other Stories is a horror short story collection by Glen Hirshberg

The Janus Tree and Other Stories

Editors: Hirshberg, Glen
Format: Signed Limited Hardcover
Type: Horror Short Story Collection
Page Count: 230pp.
Pub. Date: January 31, 2012
Publisher: Subterranean Press

Contains the winner of the 2007 Shirley Jackson Award for Best Novelette, The Janus Tree

A young girl, lying in the way-back of a station wagon during an all-night family road trip, becomes convinced that the people up front are no longer her parents.

A dutiful Jewish nephew slowly comes to understand—and fear—his aging aunts’ obsession with the exotic animals wandering loose on a nearby farm in suburban Baltimore.

A Japanese immigrant, isolated in a California mountain town while caring for her dying husband, begins seeing Tall Things in the corners of her house. Whisperers. They tell her they are coming to live in her mouth.

And in the Shirley Jackson Award-winning title novelette, a decaying mining town in Montana provides the backdrop for a desperate battle between a troubled, pugnacious pre-teen, the bully who has terrorized him, and the much more sinister force neither child realizes has come for them.

Welcome back to Glen Hirshberg country, where griefs are at least as dangerous as ghosts. Where terror and wonder become not just inextricable but often indistinguishable. Where the worlds of imagination and everyday reality color and corrode and sometimes overwhelm each other.

A country surprisingly like your own.

Table of Contents:

  • The Janus Tree
  • I Am Coming to Live in Your Mouth
  • You Become the Neighborhood
  • The Pikesville Buffalo
  • Shomer
  • Miss Ill-Kept Runt
  • Millwell
  • Like Lick Em Sticks, Like Tina Fey
  • The Nimble Men
  • Esmerelda
  • After-Words
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Glen Hirshberg's The Janus Tree and Other Stories is a collection of horror short stories

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