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This is the African-American Horror Author Book List. Despite that, it is a work in progress. I’m sure there are more people out there writing horror who are of African American heritage than I have listed here.

If you know of anybody I’ve missed, please mention them in comments so I can add them in. In the meantime, this is the best place to start.

If you want to participate in the spirit of the 2010 National African American Read-In but really want to read something scary, these are the authors that will get’cha.

African American Horror Authors:

Addison, Linda D.
Being Full of Light, Insubstantial
Consumed, Reduced to Beautiful Grey Ashes
Animated Objects
Allen, Angela C. (ed.)
Dark Thirst: An Anthology
Banks, L. A. (a.k.a. Leslie Esdaile Banks)
Minion (Vampire Huntress Legends #1)
The Awakening (Vampire Huntress Legends #2)
The Hunted (Vampire Huntress Legends #3)
The Bitten (Vampire Huntress Legends #4)
The Forbidden (Vampire Huntress Legends #5)
The Damned (Vampire Huntress Legends #6)
The Forsaken (Vampire Huntress Legends #7)
The Wicked (Vampire Huntress Legends #8)
The Cursed (Vampire Huntress Legends #9)
The Darkness (Vampire Huntress Legends #10)
The Shadows (Vampire Huntress Legends #11)
The Thirteenth (Vampire Huntress Legends #12)
Bad Blood (Crimson Moon #1)
Bite the Bullet (Crimson Moon #2)
Undead on Arrival (Crimson Moon #3)
Cursed to Death (Crimson Moon #4)
Banks, L. A.; Due, Tananarive and Massey, Brandon R.
The Ancestors
Boatman, Michael
God Laughs When You Die
The Revenant Road
Butler, Octavia E.
Fledgling: A Novel
Due, Tananarive
My Soul to Keep (The African Immortals #1)
The Living Blood (The African Immortals #2)
Blood Colony (The African Immortals #3)
The Between
The Good House: A Novel
Joplin’s Ghost
Duza, Andre
Dead Bitch Army
Jesus Freaks
Necro Sex Machine
Fleming, Robert
Havoc after Dark: Tales of Terror
Fever in the Blood
Jefferson, Jemiah
Voice of the Blood (Voice of the Blood Series #1)
Wounds (Voice of the Blood Series #2)
Fiend (Voice of the Blood Series #3)
A Drop of Scarlet (Voice of the Blood Series #4)
Jeffries, J. M. (Pseudonym for Jacqueline S. Hamilton and Miriam Pace)
Blood Lust
McElroy, Alan
The Best of Curse of the Spawn
Massey, Brandon R.
Dark Corner
Twisted Tales
Within the Shadows
The Other Brother
Don’t Ever Tell
Massey, Brandon R. (ed.)
Dark Dreams: A Collection of Horror and Suspense by Black Writers
Voices From The Other Side: Dark Dreams II
Whispers in the Night: Dark Dreams III
Rhodes, Evie
Criss Cross
Out “A” Order
Shepard, Javan
Vampire of God
White, Wrath James
The Book of a Thousand Sins
Succulent Prey
The Resurrectionist
Yaccub’s Curse
White, Wrath James and Broaddus, Maurice
Orgy of Souls
White, Wrath James and Lee, Edward
White, Wrath James and Gonzalez, J. F.

Other African American authors who may not have a book out yet but deserve to be mentioned include: Chesya Burke, L. R. Giles, Lawana Holland-Moore, Michelle Mellon.

Thank you to Maurice Broaddus and his blog Pontifications for pointing out several authors I would have otherwise missed — Andre Duza, Lawana Holland-Moore, Michelle Mellon, L. R. Giles and reminding me about Chesya Burke (I should never have forgotten her).

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