Affiliate Disclosure Page

The Affiliates

I currently have standing affiliate relationships with three online book stores: Barnes and Noble (they were here first), Amazon and Horror Mall.

Each image of a book cover links to one of these companies — assuming they have a copy or a page with links to secondary booksellers offering the book. Once in a while I have a book that is not on any of my affiliate websites. If I can I’ll link to the publisher’s website, but that is not an affiliate link.

Beneath the book description I also add colorful stones with the book seller’s name inscribed on them to allow for easy selection. You can select which online bookstore you want to deal with by clicking on the proper stone.

I started these affiliate relationships because I wanted to use the book cover images in my book lists and book summaries. I also wanted the reader to be able to acquire the book easily if they wanted to purchase it.

When you click on an affiliate link you get sent to the bookstore — usually to the page presenting the book, audio book, movie or whatever.

Please understand that when you use an affiliate link, you are not paying any more than someone who comes to the bookstore from Google or a bookmark. If you make a purchase, I do get a small sum of money but it rarely amounts to a dollar and is usually under fifty cents.

The money is nice but in the first four or five years of using Barnes and Noble and Amazon, I didn’t earn enough to get paid. In 2009 I received payment only from Amazon as an affiliate, but all totaled it’s still only in the low double digits. I have yet to earn enough money with Horror Mall and Barnes and Noble to receive any payment.

If you don’t like or trust affiliate links you can always go to the bookstore in question and search for the item using their helpful search engine.

What I do here isn’t about the money. I could sell celebrity porn and make more money than I do at With Intent to Commit Horror.

This is about my love of the horror genre.

The Gifts

I have accepted a free copy of a book in exchange for a summary on my blog — but only for a horror book and only ones I intended to read anyway. Afraid by Jack Kilborn was the first.

I have copies of a couple of books I may write summaries on in the future but I’ll disclose where I got them when the summaries are posted. Otherwise you may assume I purchased them from a bookstore or checked them out of a library.

I have turned down several offers of free books because they were not horror books or something I wanted to read.

I have twice been given copies of print books to give away on this blog: Apparitions by Raven Bower and Afraid by Jack Kilborn.

I’ve given away some ebooks from Drollerie Press too. See below for details.

Drollerie Press

Drollerie Press is a micro-indie press. I’m married to the publisher, Deena Fisher.

Drollerie Press sponsors this blog (it exists on their server).

I do promote some Drollerie books from time to time — but only horror fiction and only if I enjoyed them. For instance I loved Revenant Road by Michael Boatman and I happily talk about it on this blog.

Drollerie Press supplied the e-books I gave away during the Read an E-Book Week in 2009.

It’s not an affiliate relationship but every Drollerie Press book sold helps keep the roof over our heads.

Final Words:

This page will be updated as I add and lose affiliate sponsors.

For more information about privacy and cookies from affiliate sponsors, please see my Privacy Policy Page.

This page is a revised version of a blog post titled: Chapter 2: Wherein the Undead Rat Discloses His Affiliate Ties.