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You may ask, “I’ve read all of Stephen King so, what do I read now?”

Horror Books with the Undead Rat is your guide through the confusing world of large and small press horror fiction. The Undead Rat will help you find the stories you crave that keep you up at night.

Sorting through books, e-books, audio books, graphic novels and whatever else the next wave of technology brings us; covering horror novels, novellas, novelettes, short stories, flash fiction, non-fiction, and more; utilizing the tools of book lists, book reviews, book announcements, genre news, and shifting through myriad of resources — the Undead Rat seeks to help you find your next horrific read.

Horror Books with the Undead Rat: Helping You Find the Right Scare, One Horror Novel at a Time

Meet the Undead Rat:

Hello and welcome to my website Horror Books with the Undead Rat.

Greg reads horror fiction books

Greg reads horror fiction books

My name is Greg Fisher but I also answer to the name Undead Rat. I’m the owner of this website.

My Love of Horror

As a librarian assistant and readers’ advisor, my specialty is horror fiction. When I was in high school I was introduced to Stephen King when my teacher and some students started talking about Salem’s Lot. Intrigued, because I knew that I love horror movies, I purchased a paperback copy of Firestarter. After that I read everything he wrote and from him I went to Peter Straub where Ghost Story became on of the few novels to truly scare me and remains to this day one of my favorite stories. Danse Macabre turned me on to other horror writers like Ramsey Campbell and James Herbert.

Still I was dismayed by the glut of horror paperbacks that seemed to promise chills and delivered nothing much. A few writers I discovered from that period rose out of the morass and made an impression on me like Whitley Strieber, J. N. Williams, Dean R. Koontz and Karl Edward Wagner’s Year’s Best Horror series.

By the time the 1990s rolled around I was reading fantasy and some science fiction but no horror. Participation in the readers’ advisory group and buying paperback books for the branch library where I worked led me to realize that there was a quiet resurgence of horror fiction. The more I looked into it, the more I discovered. There is plenty of horror to read but most of it falls below the radar of the ordinary reader.

A Website is Born

That was one of my motivations to start . . . With Intent to Commit Horror which was the original title for this website. URLs that I wanted like horrorbooks dot com or horrorbooks dot net were all bought up and mostly parked with stupid advertising in the hopes someone would pay a few thousand dollars for that address. So the original URL was: theundeadrat.com.

I intended the website to bring the small press horror to the awareness of the average horror enthusiast like me, who love the genre but saw very little being published.

Not long ago I changed the title of the website to Horror Books with the Undead Rat when the URL horrorbooks.co became available. Doing that made finding this website easier for the horror reader and boosted readership.

However with greater readership comes greater responsibility and in the new year I want to make this a truly informative and helpful website — one you’ll bookmark and return to again and again.

An early banner: Read Horror Books with the Undead Rat

Read Horror Books with the Undead Rat

Curious about what I’m reading this year? Here are my Riffle book lists where I keep track of all the novels, nonfiction and graphic novels I’ve been reading in 2014.

Fiction Books: 2014

Nonfiction Books: 2014

Graphic Novels: 2014

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